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Plus Size In The Country Side


Google reader, as I am sure you have heard by now is closing down.  I’ve only just started this blogging thang, but bloglovin‘ has been a lifeline for me.

I highly recommend it, I think you get a better idea of the blogs I follow than my half finished Links page here too. And you can follow this blog too.

I find it really useful having the browser button, so I can see new posts in a glance, and also divide up what I follow into different categories. I’ve a terrible memory so this constant reminder makes it easy for me to catch up where I left off on blogs.

Do you use bloglovin? Or something else – if so what? I’m always fascinated with how people organise their online life.

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And so it begins…

Me @ Festival No. 6

Right, hello!

As you can see this is all new for me.  I’m not sure why I’m doing this, I guess I feel like it is the right time.  I’ve had a couple of personal blogs previously, but I haven’t done anything with them in such a long time.

I am hoping this blog will personally help me accept myself, and my body. To be more positive about the outfits I put together, and to have more pride in them (before I slip into a never ending cycle of multiple layered/paint covered horrifically uncoordinated outfits that I work in!).  This I’m hoping will create quite a separation/outlet for me – giving me focus outside of work.

On the wider scale (that’s not a pun on being a chubster, btw!), I’m hoping through my journey of style and self acceptance that I can inspire others to feel that way too – just like the way some of the blogs/bloggers have hugely inspired and helped myself.

I have lots of exciting regular features and the like I’m hoping to do on here, but this is just an initial HELLO WORLD.

Watch this space.